OCTOBER 28: Czech Republic: a date with history

Greetings to the citizens of the Czech Republic on their Independence Day.
Name: Czech Republic
Region: Eastern Europe
Official language:
Currency: Czech Koruna(CZK)
Population: 10186,000
Surface area: 78866 sq.km
Capital city: Prague
UN Membership date: January 19, 1993
Tourism: Czech Republic has a growing tourism industry offering medieval places and castles and mountaineering as tourist attractions.

Map of Czech Republic
Map of Czech Republic

flag of Czech Republic
Flag of Czech Republic

coat of arms of Czech Republic
Coat of Arms of Czech Republic

Prague castle
Prague castle

Prague Charles bridge
Charles Bridge, Prague

metro station
A metro station in Prague

Tourist crowd
Tourist crowd in Prague

Prague capital

Wenceslas Square
Wenceslas Square at night

Saint Wenceslas Square
Sait Wenceslas Square

Prague Castle
Prague Castle at night

Wenceslas Square
Wenceslas Square

Vltava in Prague
Vltava in Prague

Vltava View
Vltava view

Sance dam
Sance Dam

Kralicky Sneznik mountains
Kralivky Snezik Mountains

grey wolf
Grey wolf

European hare
European Hare



Yellow billed loon
Yellow billed Loon

Squacco heron
Squacco Heron

spoon bill
Spoon bill

red breasted goose
Red-breasted goose

little grebe
Little Grebe

Image courtesy: Marek Stransky, Daniel Baránek, Stefan Bauer, che, :Aktron, Adam Zivner, Chosovi, Autocracy, Malene Thyssen, Chris Muiden, Ansgar Walk, Per Harald Olsen, Len Blumin, de:Benutzer:BS Thurner Hof, Mark S Jobling, J.M.Garg and wikipedia

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