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Greetings to the Citizens of the Kingdom of Bhutan on their national Day (Ugyen Wangchuck elected hereditary king 1907).

Brief Information
Name Kingdom of Bhutan
RegionSouth Central Asia
CurrencyNgultrum (BTN)
Surface area38394
Capital city
UN Membership date September 21 1971

Map of Bhutan
Information about map of Bhutan
It is landlocked nation situated at the border of Himalaya Mountains, bordered by China on the north and by India on the east, south and west. It landscape consists of sub-tropical plains of the south and northern Himalayan heights.

Flag of Bhutan
Information about flag of Bhutan
It shows a white dragon over a orange and yellow background. The lower triangle is orange in colour and the upper triangle is yellow in colour.

National Emblem

General information about the country
It has 68% area as forests and has 55 threatened species.The mean total rainfall of this country is 799 mm. and mean temperature for the year is 14-24.3 degree Celsius. Ngultrum is the legal national currency of this nation and is pegged to Indian rupee, which also accepted in the country as legal tender. The economy is based mostly on agriculture, forestry and tourism. It is the second fastest growing economy in the world with growth rate of 22.4%. By sale of hydroelectric power to India substantial income is generated.

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