OCTOBER 27: Republic of Turkmenistan: a date with history

Greetings to the citizens of the Republic of Turkmenistan on their Independence Day.
Name: Republic of Turkmenistan
Region: South-central Asia
Official language: Turkmen
Currency: Turkmen Mant (TMM)
Population: 4965,000
Surface area: 488100 sq.km
Capital city: Ashgabat
UN Membership date: March 2, 1992
Tourism: State Historical and Cultural Park"Ancient Merv", Kunya-Urgench and Parthian Fortress of Nisa are world heritage sites in Turkmenistan.

map of Turkmenistan
Map of Turkmenistan

Flag of Turkmenistan
Flag of Turkmenistan

coat of arms of Turkmenistan
Coat of Arms of Turkmenistan

Assembly building
Assembly building, Ashgabat

Ak Bugday museum
Ak Bugday Museum

Ertugrul Gazi Mosque, Ashgabat
Ashgabat, Ertugrul Gazi Mosque

Independence monument
Independence Monument, Ashgabat

Oil minitry building
Oil ministry building

Nyyazow monument
Nyyazow monument

Presidential palace
Presidential Palace, Ashgabat

Russian bazaar
Russian Bazaar

Urgench sultan Tekesh Mausoleum
Urgench Sultan Mausoleum (World Heritage site)

Parthian fortress of Nisa
Parthian Fortresses of Nisa (World Heritage Site)

Ancient Merv historical and cultural park.
Ancient Merv Historical and Cultural Park (World Heritage Site)

Cheetah in Turkmenistan

Eurasian Lynx in Turkmenistan
Eurasian Lynx

Mouflon goat in Turkmenistan
Mouflon goat

Saiga antelope in Turkmenistan
Saige antelope

Desert lark in Turkmenistan
Desert lark

Eurasian eagle owl
Eurasian Eagle Owl

Herring gull in Turkmenistan
Herring gull

green woodpecker in Turkmenistan
Green woodpecker

Image courtesy: Doluca, Kolanin, Gilad Rom, Doluca, Mark and Delwen, Abalg, Volker.G, Bernard Landgraf, schani, Tim Herfurth, Sven Teschke, Softeis, Kulac and wikipedia

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