OCTOBER 26: The Republic of Austria: a date with history

Greetings to the citizens of the Republic of Austria on their National Day.
Name: Republic of Austria
Region: Western Europe
Official language: German, Slovene, Croatian, and Hungarian
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Population: 8361,000
Surface area: 83871 sq.km
Capital city: Vienna
UN Membership date: December 14, 1955
Tourism: Tourism accounts for nearly 10% of the Austria's GDP. 21 million tourists visited the country. World heritage sites, numerous lakes and sports like skiiing, mountaineering and hiking in the Alps are the main tourist attractions. Hotels and resorts are avilable for the tourist stay.

map of Austria
Map of Austria

flag of Austria
Flag of Austria

Austria Bundesadler
Coat of Arms of Austria

Vienna capital city
Vienna, capital city

Vienna, Capital city of Austria
Vienna, capital city of Austria

Austria parliament, Athena statue
Athena statue in front of Austria Parliament

Belvedere palace, Vienna
Belvedere palace

Schonbrunn palace
Schonbrunn Palace, world heritage site

Lentos Art museum Linz city
Lentos Arts Museum, Linz city

Danube in Linz
Danube in Linz

Graz clock tower, world heritage site
Graz clock tower, World heritage site


Salzburg, world heritage site
Salzburg, world heritage site

Schrocken town
Schrocken town (by Bohringer)

Anton am Arlberg
Anton am Arlberg

moose found in Austria

golden jackal found in Austria
Golden jackal

mountain hare found in Austria
Mountain Hare

Red squirrel found in Austria
Red squirrel

great northern loon found in Austria
Great Northern Loon

Glossy ibib found in Austria
Glossy Ibis

Great cormorant found in Austria
Great cormorant

purple heron found in Austria
Purple Heron

Tundra swan found in Austria
Tundra swan

Western Capercaillie (by Richard Bartz)

Image courtesy: Mathias Bigge, ninanuri, Gryffindor, Mwinog2777, Thomas Pintaric, Fabien1309, AlanWolfe, Profberger, Alan D. Wilson, Cephas, JH-man, Debivort and wikipedia

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