OCTOBER 5: The Portuguese Republic: a date with history

Greetings to the citizens of the Portuguese Republic on their Republic day.
Name: Portuguese Republic
Region: Southern Europe
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Official language: Portuguese
Surface area: 92090 sq.km
Population: 10623,000
Capital city: Lisbon
UN Membership date: December 14, 1955
Tourism: There are 13 world heritage sites in Portugal.

Map of Portugal
Map of Portugal

flag of Portugal
Flag of Portugal

coat of arms of Portugal
Coat of Arms of Portugal

Rooster, national bird of Potugal
Rooster, national bird of Portugal

View of Lisbon, capital city of Portugal
Lisbon, Capital city of Portugal

Vasco da  gama bridge, Lisbon
Vasco Da Gama Bridge, Lisbon

Pombal Square Lisbon
Pombal Square, Lisbon

Lisbon discoveries mark
Lisbon discoveries mark

Lisbon castle
Lisbon castle

Edward V11 park
Edward V11 Park

Portuguese parliament
Portuguese Parliament

Porto city
Porto city

Porto down town
Porto down town

Porto metro train
Porto Metro Train

Roman temple at Evora
Ruins of Roman Temple at Evora, Potugal

Vila Nova de Gaia town
Vila Nova de Gaia town

Braga city
View of Braga city

Mount Pico in the island of Pico, Azore
Mount Pico

city of Amadora
City of Amadora

Serra da Estrela mountain
Serra da Estrela Mountain

Cape Roca light house
Cape Roca light house

Guimaraes castle
Guimaraes Castle, the cradle of Portugal

Laurisilva forest, world heritage site
Laurislva forest is World Heritage Site

Praia da Marinha, Algarve
Praia da Marinha, Algarve

Douro valley landscape
Douro valley landscape

Lagoon in island of Sao Miguel, Azores
Lagoon in Island of Sao Miguel

European hedgehog found in Portugal
European Hedgehog

spoon bills are found in Portugal
Spooon bill

Red deer are found in Portugal
Red deer

Roe deer are found in Portugal
Roe deer

bald ibis are found in Portugal
Bald Ibis

mute swan are found in Portugal
Mute Swan

Greater flamingoes are found in Portugal
Greater flamingoes

Bean goose are found in Portugal
Bean Goose

Image courtesy: Remi Jouan, ho visto nina volare, Alvesgaspar, Michael Fernandes, YBnormal2day13, Alvesgaspar, Husond, antlewis, Fernando Tomás, Catarina Carvalho, Osvaldo Gago, Gustavo Motta, Jcornelius, Thorsten Bachner, Hrald, Marek Szczepanek, Bill Ebbesen, Creando, Manfred Heyde and wikipedia

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