OCTOBER 4: The Kingdom of Lesotho: a date with history

Greetings to the citizens of the Kingdom of Lesotho on their Independence Day.
Name: Kingdom of Lesotho
Region: Southern Africa
Currency: Loti(LSL)
Official language: English and Sesotho
Surface area: 30355 sq.km
Population: 2008,000
Capital city: Maseru
UN Membership date: October 17, 1966
Tourism: Lancer's Gap, Katse dam, Sani Pass, the Maluti Mountains, Afriski resort and Thaba Bosiu located a short distance from Maseru are Lesotho's major tourist attractions.

Map of Lesotho
Map of Lesotho

flag of Lesotho
Flag of Lesotho

coat of arms of Lesotho
Coat of Arms of Lesotho

Maseru, Capital of Lesotho
Maseru, capital of Lesotho

Basotho hat shop
Basotho hat shop in Maseru

Landscape of Lesotho
Lesotho Landscape

Sani pass, Lesotho
Sani pass in Lesotho

Road connecting Sani pass
Road connecting Sani pass in Lesotho

Maloti mountains
Maluti mountains in Lesotho

Afriski resort in Maluti mountains
Afriski resort in Maluti mountains, Lesotho

leopards are found in Lesotho

Intermediate egret are found in Lesotho
Intermediate egret

Chacma baboons are found in Lesotho
Chacma baboon

cape hyrax are found in Lesotho
Cape hyrax

African darter are found in Lesotho
African darter

Image courtesy: Zscout370, Tjeerd Wiersma, Jacovt, Hans Hillewaert (Lycaon), Hans Hillewaert, Profberger, Susann Eurich (Kilara), Brett Donald, Michael Denne, Jacovt1 and wikipedia

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