SEPTEMBER 21: The Republic of Malta: a date with history

Greetings to the citizens of the Republic of Malta on their Independence Day.
Name: Republic of Malta
Region: Southern Europe
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Official language: Maltese, English
Surface area: 316
Population: 407,000
Capital city: Valletta
UN Membership date: December 1, 1964
Tourism: The City of Valletta was officially recognised as a World Heritage Site.
The Hypogeum in Hal-Saflieni, Paola, Malta, is a subterranean structure dating to the Saflieni phase in Maltese prehistory and a World Heritage site.
Megalithic Temples of Malta are World Heritage Sites.

Map of Malta
Map of Malta
flag of Malta
Flag of Malta

coat of arms of Malta
Coat of Arms of Malta

 Kelb tal-Fenek
Kelb tal-Fenek, national animal of Malta

blue rock thrush
Blue rock thrush, National bird of Malta (by Ryan Cheng)

Ggantija temples
Ggantija temples, World heritage Sites

Valletta gardens

Valletta harbour
Valletta Harbour


Valletta waterfront
Valletta waterfront

Ghadira national reserve
Ghadira national reserve (by Inkwina)

Malta International Airport

Valletta (by Rolf Krahl)

monk seal
Monk seal (by Giovanni Dallorto)

Common Noctule (by Mnolf)

barn swallow
Barn swallow (Malene Thyssen)

bee eater
European bee eater (Rashuli)

glossy ibis
Glossy Ibis (by Andre Karwath aka)

Northern gannet (Andreas Trepte)

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