SEPTEMBER 21: Belize: a date with history

Greetings to the citizens of Belize on their Independence Day.
Name: Belize
Region: Central America
Currency: Belize Dollar (BZD)
Official language: English
Surface area: 22966
Population: 288,000
Capital city: Belmopan
UN Membership date: September 25, 1981
Tourism: Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System is UNESCO World Heritage Site.

map of Belize
Map of Belize
Flag of Belize
Flag of Belize

coat of arms of Belize
coat of Arms of Belize

Baird's Tapir
Baird's Tapir, National Animal of Belize

Sulphur-breasted toucan
Sulphur-beasted Toucan, National bird of Belize (by Pear Vas)

black orchid
Black orchid, National flower of Belize

great blue hole
Great blue Hole

prime minister building
Prime Minister building (by Pgbk87)

down town Belmopan
Down town Belmopan, Capital of Belize(by Pgbk87)

Parliament Building, Belmopan (by Haakon S.Krohn)

Belize city
Northern side of Belize city (Danakosko)

Mountain Pine ridge
Mountain Pine ridge (by Tomeppy)

San Pedro Beach
San Pedro Beach (by Areed 145)

Belize city at night
Night Panorama of Belize city (by Pgbk87)

Caracolcaana (by Evan Yares)

Brain coral (by Dolloyd)
Brain coral (by Dolloyd)

Big rock falls
Big Rock Falls

Baron Bliss Monument, Belize city (by Danakosko)
Baron Bliss Monument, Belize city (by Danakosko)

Xunantunich (by Pgbk1987)

Sora (by Elaine R.Wilson)

Red Brocket Deer
Red Brocket Deer (by Whaldener Endo)

Ocellated turkey
Ocellated Turkey

Harpia Eagle
Harpia Eagle (by Michael Schamis)

grey fox
Grey fox

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