AUGUST 17: The Republic of Indonesia: a date with history

Greetings to the citizens of the Republic of Indonesia on their Independence day.

Name : Republic of Indonesia
Region : South-eastern Asia
Currency : Rupiah
Surface area : 1904569sq.kms
Population : 231627000
Official language : Bahasa Indonesia
Capital : Jakarta
UN membership date: 28 september 1950

map of the Republic of Indonesia
Map of Indonesia
flag of Indonesia
Flag of the Republic of Indonesia

coat of arms of Indonesia
Official coat of arms of the Republic of Indonesia

Volcanoes in Indonesia
Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru in East Java

Indonesia has world's highest seismic and volcanic activity.

Sumatran Orangutan, a great ape endemic to Indonesia is in high risk of extinction.

Jakarta Capital city of Indonesia
Jakarta capital of Indonesia.

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