AUGUST 17: The Gabonese Republic: a date with history

Greetings to the people of Gabonese Republic on their Independence day.
On August 17, 1960 Gabon gained independence from France.

Name : République Gabonaise
Region : Middle Africa
Currency : Franc CFA
Surface area :
Population : 1200 000 habitants
Official language : French
Capital : Libreville
UN membership : 20 September 1960

map of gabon
Map of République Gabonaise
Flag of Gabon
Flag of République Gabonaise

Coat of arms of Gabon
Coat of arms of République Gabonaise

nature scenerywild life nature scenery(Abundance of wild life and natural scenery)
The main resources of Gabonese Republic are oil, manganese, nobium and wood.

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