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The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal (सङ्घीय लोकतान्त्रिक गणतन्त्र नेपाल) is a landlocked country. Located in the Himalayas, Nepal shares a common border with the People's Republic of China in the north.
Nepal is bordered by India in the east, west and south. Kathmandu is the capital city and is the largest metropolis in the country. The national symbols include its unique flag, its emblem, Rhododendron flower, monal bird, and cow. Gautama Buddha was born in this country.

Nepal flag

The national flag is a combination of two pennants (pennons in vexillology). Among the world nations, it is the only flag which is not an quadrilateral.

The flag is crimson red, the color of its flower (Rhododendron arboreum) symbol. The border of the flag is deep blue, the color of peace. A red triangular flag is a Hindu symbol of victory.

The combined twin triangles may also be the signs of Himalayas or the two major religions of the country. The depiction moon and sun represents the hope that the country will last as long as the sun and the moon.

The present flag was adopted on December 16, 1962.
The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal - flag
Nepal flag

National emblem of Nepal

The emblem (coat of arms or symbol) of the country was adopted on 30 December 2006. On the crest of the coat of arms is the flag. The emblem also depicts the Mount Everest and green hills.
Emblem symbol of Nepal
Coat of arms of Nepal
Yellow color in the emblem is the symbol of fertile Terai region. The male and female hands join to denote gender equality. There is a white map of the country in the coat of arms. A garland of red Rhododendron flowers (national flower) is also depicted. The national motto in Sanskrit carried in red scroll is placed at the base of the emblem. The motto is "जननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपी गरीयसी" meaning "The Mother and the Motherland are greater than Heaven".

National flower of Nepal

The bright crimson red flowers of Rhododendron arboreum, a small evergreen tree, are the flower symbol of the country.
Picture of flower symbol - Rhododendron arboreum
Rhododendron arboreum - National flower
Rhododendron arboreum is the state tree of Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh states of India.

National bird of Nepal

The Himalayan monal (Lophophorus impejanus) is the national bird of the country. Monal is also known as danphe and belongs to family Phasianidae.
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The male like all other pheasants has multicolored plumage whereas the females have dull brownish plumage.
Bird symbol - Himalayan monal picture
Himalayan monal (Lophophorus impejanus)
It is a fairly large size pheasant, weighing above two kilograms. It is also found in the surrounding Indian states and other countries bordering Himalayas.

National animal of Nepal

Cow is the animal symbol of the country. Cattle including cows are ungulates and belong to genus Bos in the subfamily Bovinae.
Cow - animal symbol
Cow - National animal
Cows are considered sacred in Hinduism. In Nepal and some states in India cow slaughter is prohibited by law.

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