Azerbaijan tourism - Azerbaijan travel

Azerbaijan travel - Azerbaijan tourism.
October 18: The Republic of Azerbaijan declared its independence from the Soviet Union on the 18th of October in the year 1991. Greetings to the citizens of Azerbaijan. The tourism industry of Azerbaijan is a fast growing sector, especially in the past five years.
The rich ancient, attractive cultural and natural heritage of the Republic of Azerbaijan has made it a travel destination of visitors from all over the world. The unique location and climate of the country has made it a tourism holiday destination both in the summer and winter.

Azerbaijan is situated in the Caucasus region, a growing tourism center. It is a contiguous transcontinental country spanning Europe and Asia. It is a democratic and secular republic with presidential system of government. The capital city is Baku. The country has rich resources of crude oil, iron ore and other metals. The country has towering mountains, national reserves, forests, heritage sites, valleys, plains, lowlands, lakes, sandy beaches, lakes, small islands and a long coast bordering Caspian Sea as tourism attractions. Most of the rivers and rivulets flow into the Caspian Sea.

Azerbaijan national reserves

Nearly half of the territory of the country is mountainous with several mountain lakes and mineral springs as holiday travel destinations. The country has 13 nature reserves and 18 wildlife sanctuaries as tourism attractions for nature lovers. Gizilagach state reserve, Zagatala reserve, Shirvan reserve, Turyanchay reserve, Ismayilli reserve, Goygol Reserve and Girkan national park are some of the famous travel and tourism destinations.
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Azerbaijan is endowed with more than 5000 varieties of plants of which nearly 200 are endemic. Trekking lovers can travel and explore the deciduous forests, riparian forests, subalpine forests and meadows.

Azerbaijan fauna

The fauna is diverse and more than 12 thousand species are found in the country. The forests and meadows have bears, wolves, foxes, jackals, lynx, badgers, roe deer, gazelles, deer, chamois, dagestan goat, wild boars, hares, pheasants, partridges and grouse. Birds are tourism attractions and birds like geese, swans, herons, pelicans and flamingos can be seen in lakes and shallow bay of the Caspian Sea. Salmon, sturgeon, beluga, bream and carp are the fish wealth of the country.

Azerbaijan travel

The national airline is “Azerbaijan Airlines”, in short AZAL. It connects to all the major cities from the capital Baku to promote tourism. AirBaltic, Aeroflot, FlyDubai, Emirates, Qatar Airways,and Pegasus Airlines are some of the airlines connecting Baku. Excellent roads connect major cities of tourism interest. Public transport buses, private buses, minibuses and purple London cabs are available for travel inside the country. For travel inside Baku, the underground metro trains are the best choice. Car rental is available, with or without driver.

Bibi Heybat Mosque in Baku, Azerbaijan
Image 1: Azerbaijan travel - Bibi Heybat Mosque in Baku
Ganja park in Ganja city, Azerbaijan
Image 2: Azerbaijan tourism - Public park in Ganja city
Petroglyphs in Gobustan, dating back to 10,000 BC
Image 3: Azerbaijan travel - Gobustan rock drawing
Nizami Street is one of the architectural and historic areas in Baku
Image 4: Azerbaijan tourism - Nizami street, Baku
Nature scene in Quba
Image 5: Azerbaijan travel - Landscape in Quba
Mud Volcanoes at Gobustan
Image 6: Azerbaijan tour: Mud Volcanoes at Gobustan
Ateshgah (temple of fire worshippers), Gala (ethnographical reserve), Gobustan (World heritage site), Icheri Sheher (World heritage site), Maiden tower and Shirvanshakhs Palace are some of the historical and architectural tourism sites worth making as as travel destination. For those who travel during winter, Shahdag Mountain Resort offers winter sports.

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