OCTOBER 1: The Republic of Cyprus: a date with history

Greetings to the citizens of the Republic of Cyprus on their Independence Day.
Name: Republic of Cyprus
Region: Western Asia
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Official language: Greek and Turkish
Surface area: 9251 sq.km
Population: 855,000
Capital city: Nicosia
UN Membership date: September 20, 1960
Tourism: Choirokoitia is UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Painted Churches in the Troodos Region are UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The town of Paphos is a World heritage Site.

Map of Cyprus
Map of Cyprus

Flag of Cyprus
Flag of Cyprus

coat of arms of Cyprus
Coat of Arms of Cyprus

Aerial view of Nicosia
Aerial view of Nicosia, Capital of Cyprus

Nicosia presidential palace
Presidential palace in Nicosia

Liberty monument
Liberty monument in Nicosia

Urban Nicosia
Nicosia urban area

Pyrgos on Morphou bay
Pyrgos on Morphou bay

Venetian wall
Venetian wall, Nicosia

Paphos town, World Heritage Site
Paphos town is a world heritage Site

Kourian theatre
Kourian Theatre outside Limassol city

Mustafa mosque
Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Famagusta city


Temple to Apollon Ilatis outside the city of Limassol
Temple to Apollon Ilatis outside the city of Limassol

wild goat in Cyprus
Wild goat

red fox in Cyprus
Red fox

long eared hedgehog
Long-eared hedgehog (I.V.Korneev)

Grey heron in Cyprus
Grey heron

dalmatian pelican in Cyprus
Dalmatian pelican

black necked grebe in Cyprus
Black necked grebe

Images courtesy: F. Spangenberg (Der Irbis), Shizhao, J.M.Garg and wikipedia

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