SEPTEMBER 16: United Mexican States: a date with history

Greetings to the citizens of the United Mexican States on their Independence Day.
Name: United Mexican States
Region: Central America
Currency: Mexican Peso (MXN)
Official language: Spanish
Surface area: 1958201
Population: 106535,000
Capital city: Mexico city
UN Membership date: November 7, 1945
Tourism: There are more than 30 World Heritage Sites in Mexico.
The most notable tourist draws are the ancient Mesoamerican ruins, and popular beach resorts.
The Historic Centre (Centro Histórico) and the "floating gardens" of Xochimilco in the southern borough have been declared World Heritage Sites.

Map of Mexico
Map of Mexico
flag of Mexico
Flag of Mexico

coat of arms of Mexico
Coat of Arms of Mexico

Chihuahua, National animal of Mexico

golden eagle
Golden Eagle, National bird of Mexico

Mexico city, Capital of Mexico
Mexico city, Capital city of Mexico

national palace
National Palace, Mexico city

down town Mexico city
Mexico city down town

Estadio Azteca, Mexico city

elevated freeway
Elevated free way, Mexico city

BMV building
BMV building, Mexico city

Guanajuato city
Guanajuato city

Gdlvallarta city
Gdlvallarta city

Monterrey city
Monterrey city night view

Unity bridge
Unity Bridge, Monterrey city

Mount Popocatepetl
Mount Popocatepetl

Popocatepetl view from Mexico city
Popocatepetl volcano view from Mexico city

Chichen- Itza site
Chichen-Itza, World Heritage Site

horned grebe
Horned Grebe

big horn sheep
Big horn sheep

prairie dog
Black tailed Prairie dog

brown pelican
Brown pelican

fox squirrel
Fox squirrel


pacific loon
Pacific loon


Short tailed albatross

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