SEPTEMBER 15: Guatemala: a date with history

Greetings to the citizens of Guatemala on their Independence Day.
Name: Guatemala
Region: Central America
Currency: Quetzal (GTQ)
Official language: Spanish
Surface area: 108889
Population: 13354,000
Capital city: Guatemala city
UN Membership date: November 21, 1945
Tourism: Tikal National Park, was the first mixed UNESCO World Heritage Site.
La Antigua, Guatemala is World Heritage Site.
Archaeological Park and Ruins of Quirigua is a World Heritage Site.

Map of Guatemala
Map of Guatemala
Flag of Guatemala
Flag of Guatemala

coat of arms of Guatemala
Coat of Arms of Guatemala

Quetzal, National bird of Guatemala

city park
Guatemala city central park

Guatemala city
Guatemala city

Volcanoes seen from the city
Volcanoes visible from the Guatemala city

Mateo Flores Stadium

Pacaya volcano
Pacaya volcano erupting

Santa Catalina Arch
Santa Catalina Arch

Maya temple ruins
Maya temple ruins, Tikal

Guatemala highlands


Pied billed Grebe

white nosed Coati

storm petrel
storm petrel

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