SEPTEMBER 12: The Republic of Cape Verde: a date with history

Greetings to the citizens of the Republic of Cape Verde on their National Day.
Name: Republic of Cape Verde
Region: Western Africa
Currency: C.V.Escudo (CVE)
Official language: Portuguese
Surface area: 4033
Population: 530,000
Capital city: Praia
UN Membership date: September 16, 1975

Map Of Cape Verde
Map of Cape Verde
flag of Cape Verde
Flag of Cape Verde

Coat of arms of Cape Verde
Coat of Arms of Cape Verde

square in Sao filipe
Square in Sao Filipe, Cape Verde


Sao vicente island beach
Sao Vicente Island Beach

international airport
Praia International Airport

View at Praia
View from Praia

mount fogo
Mount Fogo

Porto Novo
Porto Novo

Mindelo port
Mindelo Port

Mindelo from Monteverde
Mindelo from Monteverde


coast of Sao Nicolau
Coast of Sao Nicolau

Nova Sintra city
Nova Sintra city

Assomada city

frigate bird
Frigate bird


razo lark
Razo Lark

spinner dolphin
Spinner Dolphin


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