SEPTEMBER 8: The Republic of Macedonia: a date with history

Greetings to the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia on their Independence Day.
Name: Republic of Macedonia
Region: Central Europe
Currency: Denar
Official language: Macedonian
Surface area: 25713
Population: 2000000
Capital city: Skopje
UN Membership date: April 8, 1993

map of Macedonia
Map of Macedonia
flag of Macedonia
Flag of Macedonia

coat of arms
Coat of Arms of Macedonia

Skopje city
Skopje, Capital of Macedonia

A beach near Ljubanista, Macedonia

Korab mountain
Korab mountain Macedonia

kuklica pillars
Kuklica pillars, Macedonia

Lake Mavrovo
Lake Mavrovo, Macedonia

Solunska glava peak
Solunska glava peak, Macedonia

Fortress of Tzar Samuil
Fortress of Tzar Samuil, Ohrid, Macedonia

eared grebe
Eared Grebe in Macedonia

a group of flamingos
Flamingos in Macedonia

glossy ibis
Glossy Ibis in Macedonia

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