AUGUST 11: The Republic of Chad: a date with history

Greetings to the citizens of the Republic of Chad on their Independence Day.
Name: Republic of Chad
Region: Middle Africa
Currency: CFA Franc(XAF)
Official language: French and Arabic
Surface area: 1284000
Population: 10781000
Capital city: N'Djaména
UN Membership date: September 20, 1960

Map of Chad
Map of Chad
Flag of Chad
Flag of Chad

Coat of arms of Chad
Coat of Arms of Chad

Sand storm
Sand storm in Chad

River beach
River beach inChad

Chari river
A view of Chari river

a view of Chari river
Boat landing in Chari river

Pink backed pelican
Pink backed pelican in Chad

Mantled guereza
Mantled Guereza

African bush elephant
African bush elephant in Chad

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